Microsoft Calling With New Windows Phone 7

12 10 2010

Microsoft Calling With New Windows Phone 7
7:05pm UK, Monday October 11, 2010

Gary Mitchell, Sky News Online

Microsoft has unveiled a new line of smartphones it hopes will lure gadget fans away from Apple’s iPhone and other rivals.

The new operating system will be offered on HTC handsets among others
The company launched the Windows Phone 7 operating system at an event today in London.
The first phones will hit stores this month.
Touchscreen handsets have been designed by the likes of Samsung, LG and HTC and will include a five-megapixel camera and a “tile” display for easy access to web and other applications.
But some analysts are dubious about Microsoft’s chances of making headway in the competitive smartphone market, where it has just a 5% share.
The company has struggled to find a footing in an area dominated by the Symbian operating system – run on Nokia phones – followed by RIM, who make the BlackBerry, then Google’s Android and Apple.

Microsoft will face tough competition from the likes of Apple’s iPhone 4
James Atkinson, editor of Mobile Magazine, told Sky News Online: “From what I’ve heard so far it’s going to be a big improvement on what they’ve done with phones before.
“The idea of the tiles sounds quite good.
“But I don’t think they’re going to be overtaking anyone – Microsoft is playing catch-up with other companies like Apple rather than innovating, and Apple have fans who will stay Apple fans no matter what.”
According to reports, there will be 2,000 applications initially available for download for the Windows Phone 7.
Actor and self-confessed technology addict Stephen Fry said he welcomed the phone.
“I am genuinely thrilled. I never thought this day would come to stand on this stage and praise Microsoft for doing somthing they can be proud of,” he said.
“I have felt enormous pleasure using this phone”


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