Hello World!

7 10 2010

Well hello !

This is my First blog ive ever attempted  so i think i should introduce myself, Im Mike! im 24 and  have lots in store for all you lucky people out there 🙂

Basically, I want to document my art projects and Tattooing career as things happen day in day out, design wise, Emotion-wise and Technique-wise… 😛

Over the years of studying art and its various facets, I am sure ive picked up at least a few nifty techniques i can share with you all from drawing with a Pencil, to Tattooing with a Tattoo Machine!

I want to eventually have lots of articles on different topics involved in Tattooing, Drawing and such, but what really excites me is doing some video casts! be that Talking through Drawing and Tattoo techniques or even down to watching a Tattoo take its pride of place on a customers skin!!….

Just a running Diary of my activities and a few articles thrown in for good measure sounds good to me 🙂

I`ll work on filling my Blog with good quality content and plenty of fresh pictures!,, so for now heres one of me at my drawing board 🙂

Me at the drawing board!

Bye for now!!!





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