Armless pianist plays with toes to win “China’s Got Talent “

17 10 2010

Armless pianist plays with toes to win “China’s Got Talent

Tue Oct 12, 12:14 pm ET

BEIJING (Reuters) – An armless pianist who plays with his toes has won the first series of China’s version of the internationally popular television talent show, “China’s Got Talent.”

Liu Wei, 23, who lost both his arms aged 10 when he was electrocuted during a game of hide-and-seek, defeated 7-year-old standup comedian Zhang Fengxi at the final on Sunday at the Shanghai Stadium, the Shanghai Daily reported.

The pianist, from Beijing, who taught himself to play the piano at age 18, impressed the audience with his performance of “You’re Beautiful,” singing and using his feet to play the piano.

He also reported won over the judges by commenting: “At least I have a pair of perfect legs.”

Cai Xiuqing, 23, a college student from Shantou in Guangdong province, won third place for singing “Boundless Oceans Vast Skies,” a hit for Hong Kong rock back Beyond.

At the award ceremony, Liu was invited by Taiwan singer Jolin Tsai to be a guest performer on her world tour which gives him the chance to perform in Las Vegas for three months.

The award ceremony also featured winners and finalists from the popular “Got Talent” series in Britain and the United States including British singer Paul Potts and dance group Diversity.

British music mogul Simon Cowell, best known as the former acerbic judge on “American Idol,” developed the TV format of “Got Talent” in Britain, the United States and Europe. He has become one of the most powerful entrepreneurs in reality TV.

The British version of the show catapulted the dowdy, Scottish singer Susan Boyle to international stardom last year.

The Chinese version of the TV talent show made its debut in May and has steadily risen in popularity, with the semifinal on Sept 26 ranking the top programme nationally by ratings.

The show’s director Jin Lei told the newspaper that the success of the show ensured it would continue next year.



BBC News – S4C senior executive Rhian Gibson steps down

15 10 2010



S4C senior executive Rhian Gibson steps down

The departure of Rhian Gibson comes during a period of turbulence for S4C

S4C’s director of commissioning Rhian Gibson has resigned, the Welsh language channel has confirmed.

Ms Gibson joined S4C in 2006 and was responsible for commissioning programmes and series, such as dramas Teulu and Pen Talar.

She also commissioned Cyw, the pre-school children’s series.

S4C chairman John Walter Jones said that he respected Rhian’s decision and thanked her for her service and contribution over the last four years.

In a statement, Rhian said that S4C faced a new chapter and wished S4C and the production companies all the best for the future.

Her resignation is the latest development in a turbulent period for the channel, that is waiting to learn if it will face sever budget cuts during next week’s Comprehensive Spending Review.

The channel’s chief executive Iona Jones stepped down in controversial circumstances earlier this year.

via BBC News – S4C senior executive Rhian Gibson steps down.

come on mate, shit or get off the pot!

12 10 2010

Cat Swimming In Pool | Angry Expression

OMG! I just returned from my daily swim on the beautiful Fijian beach and realised I have not updated this since people stopped clapping and Tinkerbell died… You would not believe my anguish at my misdoings. I prostrate myself in sorrow and beg thy forgiveness..

I am lost in a sea of pseudo-olde-english with setting fire to people wearing Crocs, learning to fart the theme to neighbours, just generally being asleep, dreaming and chancing to anyone unfortunate to cross my path, my day is a magical flight from the light through yonder window breaks to I feel like going to bed. I am plotting and planning. can’t they see I am blogging.

I go, my lords and ladies; just I will make more of an effort to blog more often until the nice men in the white coats come back. You wanna test me? Don’t hold your breath though, you’re likely to turn blue..




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